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If a revenue officer has shown up to your home or business to collect through an asset seizure, we can help!



An IRS Revenue Officer has the authority to:

  • Inspect financial accounts
  • Levy bank accounts and seize property
  • Contact accounts payable and demand direct repayment
  • Close businesses and sell the assets


Negotiating directly with a revenue officer can cost you!

We hear it all the time, an RO contacts a taxpayer or business and asks them for financial information, and the taxpayer hands it over. Once the RO determines how much is available for collection, they issue an immediate bank/asset levy or wage garnishment. When asked why they turned over their financials without hiring a professional to intercede, the answer is always the same. “The revenue officer seemed so nice!” Once your guard is down, they will request revealing and personal financial information, whether it’s bank statements, a profit and loss, balance sheet, or various operating statements. And once they see what you can afford to pay and what your assets are worth, they will begin the process of seizure.


The process of asset seizure is avoidable!

A lot of taxpayers wonder if hiring representation will anger the RO and make matters worse. The answer is no. Revenue officers are given certain rights to collect the tax owed, and taxpayers are given certain rights to defend themselves. Much like in a court of law, it’s very important to present your case as favorably as possible.


Getting Help with an IRS Revenue Officer

The first step towards successful resolution is to acknowledge that your tax debt and assigned revenue officer won’t go away on their own and to seek professional assistance. Our firm of tax relief professionals has helped thousands of individuals and businesses just like you stop forced collections and finally resolve their tax debt.


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