“I had multiple years of both personal and business taxes. I did not have the time to take away from my business to take care of it myself. National Tax Network stepped in and helped me when I needed it. I was able to focus on my business while they handled everything with the IRS.”


Carlos V. – California

“After years of not filing taxes, I knew I needed to get help. National Tax Network provided a solution to me that made sense.”


Carl G. – Maryland

“I had already tried to resolve my issues with the IRS by hiring another company. They had promised me a solution that I never ended up getting. It felt as though I had thrown my money away. My experience with National Tax Network has been much different. Not only did they offer me a solution that was much more affordable, but they were with me every step of the way until it was resolved.”


William B. – Minnesota

“For years, I had been receiving letters saying I owed thousands of dollars in back taxes. I had tried to get this resolved myself to no end. National Tax Network was able to show me through their analysis that a mistake had been made. I still owed some money, but not nearly what I had been told, previously. If not for National Tax Network, I may have paid more than what was necessary.”


Robert S. – Hawaii

“I had been putting off handling my taxes for a long time. After National Tax Network offered me their solution, I was still not in a position to get started. To my amazement, they kept following up with me and waited until I was ready. I had already contacted multiple other companies to help me, but only National Tax Network showed that they really cared about me as a person. It was this personal touch that made me choose National Tax Network.”


Gail K. – Arizona

“I had 10 years of taxes to reconcile with the IRS. National Tax Network helped me do that!.”


Lon M. – Nevada

“I had a number of issues with the IRS. From errors on my tax returns, to needing to file previous years of taxes, I needed help. I had tried to talk with IRS before, but problems kept coming up. My wife was even at risk of losing her license to do business. National Tax Network came in and solved our problems with IRS.”


Joe D. – Missouri

“IRS was garnishing my wages at almost $200 a month. I had already talked with a couple different companies, but National Tax Network offered me the best service and solution. Their professionals talked me through the process, allowed me to ask questions, and gave me great customer service throughout the process. Now, I can breathe easy!”


Nadine C. – Maryland

“Wow!!! I can’t tell you how relieved I am that the tax debt that was weighing me down, is finally getting taken care of after all these years! Thank you for giving me my life back.”


Melinda M. – Texas